[the central part of a cell]

This section serves to give you an idea about the things that make me move.

Every dog has its day - even a sundog like me. Have you never felt awful and wondered why?
My guess is you just forgot about all those little things in your life that help you get through!
Just have a close look and start appreciating life again. Well, maybe this won't work for everybody but it sure does for me. My list goes somewhat like this....
The Little Things That Make My Days Go Right

Have a close look at the molecular structure of matter - here's what defines MY existence! The Elements

Of course my life wouldn't work without sound. Everything is sound. Sound is everything. Here's the soundtrack to my life on a double CD.

what would you take with you on a desert island? Books, of course! Stack loads of books! But as somebody said (and he was right, indeed!) - so many books, so little time, it is important to limit your luggage and select well.
"If this isn't literature, nothing is."

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