[a small place that has the same qualities as a much larger one]

imagine a tiny little world which you can completely control only with the tips of your fingers. nothing happens in this microcosm that you don't want to...

currently I own the four pinball machines described below. click on the links to get detailed information.

WHITE WATER from 1993 is my favorite pin - it has everything a good pin needs: a smart ramp architecture, rewarding loops, an interesting gimmick (bigfoot) and loads of multiball modes as well as a challenging wizard mode and a deep ruleset.
Go with the flow!

FUNHOUSE, my other pin is a classic from '91. Lacking most of modern pins' redundant gadgets, Funhouse lays focus on gameplay rather than flashy optics. It has cleverly designed rampshots and a multiball mode where you have to hit Rudy in the face - which is quite rewarding as his brabbling throughout the game can be quite unnerving at times...

INDIANA JONES as a big movie and pinball fan, I'm very glad to own the best movie-tie-in pin there is (IMHO, of course): Indiana Jones!
excellent graphics go together with the (then new) DCS system for sound, and a deep ruleset mixes with excellent gameplay.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY when this pin hit the arcades, my ex-girlfriend (now my wife ;-) ) and I literally played it till our fingers bled - we threw every single quarter we owned into a machine which stood in a nightclub in Munich called "crash" (original name, I know ;-) ).
then one lucky day in 2002 I finally found some guy who sold his TAF. I am a happy man now :-)

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