[very slow movement across the surface of the earth]

"movement", however, not only relates to physical transport, but also to spiritual. so this section takes you on three different tours through countries which made a lasting impression on me.

one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, jamaica has everything the heart needs: sun, surf, sand... and more...
here is a short tour of the island with some descriptions and anecdotes.

tour #2 takes you to mexico which isn't as slow-going as jamaica, has some of the greatest ruins on earth and good surf as well.
for some inside tips and a bit of Indiana Jones feeling click on the link below.

this section is about california and shows prototype USA impressions as well as the non-standard bits. San Diego as one of the great surf cities rules!
and if you want to sneak away while the cost is clear, the Banana Bungalows is your place to stay :-)

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