Indiana Jones


this is quite an incomplete) list of the quotes you hear during gameplay in the Indiana Jones pin.
they are taken from Mike Saunder's Indiana Jones page.

This is a list of the various lines of speech contained in Indiana Jones -- The Pinball Adventure.
You can see the merits of the DCS system by noticing the great amount of digitized speech present in this machine.


RoA = Raiders of the Lost Ark
ToD = Temple of Doom
LC = Last Crusade

"Indiana Jones... I always knew someday you'd come walking back through my door." -Marion (RoA)

"I hate the water, and I hate you!" -Willie (ToD)

"I keep telling you! If you listen to me, you live longer!" -Shorty (ToD)

"Junior? It is you Junior!" -Dr. Jones Sr. (LC)

"Holy smokes, my friend! I'm so pleased you're not dead." -Sallah (RoA)

"See ya tomorrow, Indiana Jones!" -Marion (RoA)

"Don't touch anything." -Indy (ToD)

"You cheat, Dr. Jones!" -Shorty (ToD)

"You're medling with powers you cannot possibly understand" -Marcus (RoA)

"And zis is how we say goodbye in Germany..." -Nazi ??? (LC)

"You must choose... but choose wisely." -Knight (LC)

"You have chosen wisely." -Knight (LC)

"You have chosen poorly." -Knight (LC)

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