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The following quotes are taken from a RGP-Post as well as from some Funhouse-pages. No offence!

From: (Robert Christopher Chesnavich)
Date: 26 Sep 91 20:52:45 GMT

Depending on what time it is, Rudy is in different moods

  • Happy mood: Clock is before 11:30, or frenzy has been lit.
  • Unhappy mood: Clock is 11:30 or 11:45.
  • Frantic mood: Multiball is in effect.

    He also calls the player the following names

  • Chuckie
  • Spunky
  • Bucko
  • Buddy
  • Buster
  • Biff
  • Slick

    "C'mon in!"
    Said whenever you wake Rudy by adding a credit. He doesn't say it on a half credit. He will fall back asleep about 3 seconds after saying it, and if you insert more credits, he will say it again. I don't know if he says this if you insert credits in the middle of the game, or if so, during which of Rudy's moods.

    "FUNHOUSE? A ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!"
    Said at the start of the game. Some times if he has trouble dispensing the first ball he might say it again.

    "Ya ain't seen the likes of me!"
    "Howdy, name"

    Said a bit after the start of the game on occasion.

    "Hey name"

    Occasionally said while happy, or occasionally the latter when he's frantic.

    "Hey (name), you can have it back!"
    Said when a ball goes straight from the plunger lane down the right drain untouched by everything except two sensors. You get the ball right back. Similarly done if Rudy has trouble dispensing balls. Also said sometimes without "Hey (name)", or with (name) attached to the end when the ball goes into the Hidden Hallway while Rudy is happy.

    "Hey (name), you're up!"
    Said if you don't put the ball into play after about 10 seconds.

    "How was that?"
    There seems to be some confusion about this one. Some people think he's saying, "How odd!", or "How strange!". Given the circumstances, I think it's the one listed. Said whenever the ball goes through the top section of the right in/middle/out lanes. Also said when you raise the jet bumpers to max via mystery mirror. Only said while happy.

    Said whenever you hit either of the gangway shots, in any mood.

    "Frenzy! A ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!"
    Said at the start of frenzy or super frenzy. Atuomatically puts Rudy into happy mood. Also says "Frenzy!" when you receive frenzy bonus at the end of your ball.

    "Big points!!!"
    Said while happy sometimes if the million is lit, or sometimes if trapdoor shot is hit.

    "Hey, (name), you stole the show!"
    Said if you hit the trapdoor shot for one million, while Rudy is happy.

    "Great shot!"
    "Nice going!"

    Also said sometimes if you hit trapdoor, or if you hit a lit value (other than superdog) on the crazy steps, or sometimes the first one is said if you get an extra ball, again while he's happy.

    "Hey (name), there's an extra ball!"
    Said immediately after lighting extra ball by mystery mirror, or by crazy steps. However after you light it, he also repeats it, as long as it's lit. Sometimes he'll say, "extra ball!" after you get it, again, all while happy.

    "Hey (name), shoot again!"
    Said if Rudy is not asleep, at the start of an extra ball. Sometimes said with "(name) at the end.

    "I feel like a million!"
    Said when you light the million via mystyery mirror, or quick mutliball. Sometimes he'll throw it in or juts say "million" while the million is still lit, and he'll sometimes say "million" when you get it. Happy mood, again.

    "Let's play two!"
    Said at the start of multi-ball if in happy or unhappy mood (I think).

    Said sometimes when you shoot the ramp in any mood.

    "It's lunchtime! Get yourself a hot dog!"
    Said when you light superdog while in happy mood.

    "Yum yum!"
    Said when you hit superdog in happy mood.

    "I'm still hungry!"
    Said sometimes if you fail to hit superdog after lit, and Rudy is happy.

    "I'm not hungry."
    Said if you light superdog, or hit it, while Rudy is unhappy.

    "Hey, (name), go play on the steps!"
    While Rudy is happy, said if you light crazy steps. If you light it through the hole on right side, sometimes he'll say it without, "Hey (name)", or with (name) at the end.

    "Maybe next time."
    Said if you hit an unlit value on crazy steps.

    "You missed again!"
    "Now who's the dummy?"

    Said after missing a lit value on the crazy steps a second time.

    There's three versions of these. The first is basically loud and painful sounding, the second is more like "ehhhh!", and the third is a nasal-sounding "Owww!". Said if you acheive Rudy hit, or "ehhh!" when you tilt and he's not asleep.

    "Gulp! Ptooey!"
    Said after a Rudy gulp (not starting multiball)

    "Hey, it's only pinball!"
    Also said after tilt and the ball has been returned, unless Rudy is still asleep.

    "This is really starting to annoy me."
    "What did I ever do to you?"
    "Big deal!"

    Said sometimes after Rudy hit while he's happy. Usually, every other hit is followed by a statement.

    Said when you acheive sausage bonus, any mood.

    "Here it comes (name)!"
    "Right back at ya (name)!"
    "Look out (name)!"

    One of these might be said after hitting the ball into the hidden hallway while Rudy is happy, including if the extra ball was just acheived.

    "Where did you go now?"
    Said when you get Rudy's Hideout, with happy Rudy.

    "Hey, (name), the door's open."
    Said if trapdoor is open, a few seconds after it's been open , if Rudy is happy." Sometimes said with (name) at the end.

    "No way!"
    Said occasionally after the previous quote. Considering that you only have about 1-2 seconds to shoot the door after he says this, he's usually right.

    "Heh heh heh."
    Said if the trapdoor is shut, or sometimes if the ball goes out the left/right outlanes, while Rudy is happy.

    "It's getting late"
    "Stay away from the clock."

    Said occasionally when Rudy is unhappy.

    "I'm not happy with you now."
    "You're making me very unhappy."
    "I thought we were pals."

    Said occasionaly when Rudy is unhappy, or immediately after a Rudy hit while he's unhappy.

    "That was no accident!"
    Only said when you get an unhappy Rudy hit.

    "Quit playing with the clock!"
    Said when you move the clock from 11:30 to 11:45 via lock, obviously when Rudy is unhappy.

    "Oh no. (Yawn) I'm sleepy. (Yawn) (Yawn) (Snore...............)"
    Said when Rudy is put to sleep at midnight. Also, "Oh no" is said at the start of Hidden Hallway multiball.

    "Gulp. MMMmmmm. Hmmhmhmhmh. MMMMMMMMM BLEGCH!!!!"
    Mumbled when you start multiball by hitting the ball into Rudy's mouth. A different mumbling ending with "Ptooey!" is said if you acheive a Rudy gulp under other occasions.

    "Stay away from that door!"
    "Stop running around!"
    "You don't know what's in there!"
    "You don't wanna go down there!"
    "Don't go near the door!"

    All said randomly while Rudy is frantic.

    "Hey! Close the door!"
    Said when you open the trapdoor during multiball.

    "Hey! Stop it!"
    Said occasionaly while frantic. Also said occasionaly after Rudy hit, if he's happy.

    "What was that??!!!!"
    Said when you acheive a Rudy hit while he's frantic. Also said if the game does a ball check while the ball is in play, if Rudy is happy or frantic. Also said if you start quick multiball while Rudy is asleep (it wakes him)

    Million-plus hit.

    "Oh boy oh boy oh boy."
    Said at the end of multiball.

    "Hey (name) play again!"
    Said at the end of a game, if there are no credits left.

    "Good night, (name)"
    Said (sometimes without (name)) after entering your initials and receiving however many credits.

  • Chuckie
  • Spunky
  • Bucko
  • Buddy
  • Buster
  • Biff
  • Slick

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